RoadShow Europe Autumn 2014 is on the move

Click here for other languages: English, Français, Español, Català Décork continues touring Europe…   Many cork stopper producers already use or know the revolutionary features of the Décork laser system, its new [xTreme] controller and the Designer 2014 software thanks to the RoadShow Europe Autumn 2014 which has visited the cities […]


Roadshow Europe

Road Show Europe Autumn 2014

Click here for other languages: English, Français, Español, Català Introducing the new high speed laser marking machine   Available Road Show sessions and dates: · Catalonia / Languedoc-Roussillon areas, on 15, 16 and October 17, 2014 · Rioja / Navarra / Bergerac-Armagnac areas, on 20 and October 21, 2014 · Gironde / Cognac […]

“From bark to bottle”, an impressive talk of Patrick Spencer about the sustainability of cork forestry

Date: 02/02/2014 Source: Patrick Spencer has long been passionate about sustainability. During his career as a chef and restaurant owner, he focused on sustainable business practices and was a member of the Slow Food Movement. After moving to Oregon, he became the Sustainability Coordinator for Willamette Valley Vineyards and while […]

From bark to bottle talk

[xTreme] controllers

Nuevo software Designer 2014 y controlador [xTreme] para máquinas Décork existentes

Manresa, 1 Agosto 2014 Para verlo en otro idioma haga clic aquí [ FR ] [ES] [ CAT ].   Upgrade al nuevo software de marcaje Designer 2014 y controlador [xTreme] La tecnología Décork láser para marcar los tapones de corcho ya no es lenta   Desde hoy el parque […]

Nou programari Designer 2014 i controlador [xTreme] per a màquines Décork existents

Manresa, a 1 Agost 2014 Per veure-ho en un altre idioma feu clic aquí [FR] [ES] [CAT].   Upgrade al nou software de marcatge Designer 2014 i controlador [xTreme] La tecnologia Décork laser per marcar els taps de suro ja no és lenta   Des d’avui el parc de màquines […]

[xTreme] controllers

[xTreme] controllers

Nouveau logiciel Designer 2014 et contrôleur [xTreme] pour les marqueuses Décork existants

Manresa, 1 d’Août 2014 Pour le visualiser dans une autre langue cliquez ici [FR] [ES] [CAT].   Mise à niveau avec le nouveau logiciel de marquage Designer 2014 et contrôleur [Xtreme] La technologie laser Décork pour marquer le bouchon n’est plus lente   A partir d’aujourd’hui les marqueuses laser Décork […]