Décork™ System Accessories

ON-LASER has selected and adapted several accessories for the laser systems such as the Décork Laser Series.

These accessories may range from small options to be integrated into each particular laser machine, cork feeder units, or label printers, in any case to make easier and safer the user’s job.

Machine options:

  • Electronic orientator for champagne cork stoppers (with bezel)
  • Electronic orientator for “flower” quality natural cork stoppers (with mirror end)
  • Encoder to ensure marking quality and reject irregular shaped stoppers
  • Flexible size marking unit, allowing up to 40mm Ø stoppers
  • Flexible size marking unit, allowing up to 60mm length  stoppers
  • Poka Yoke modules, to block shorter / longer stoppers in comparison to the order’s cork size

Software options:

  • Software communication module for marking remotely generated codes (batch numbers, names, numbers, etc.)

Feeding units:

  • Giraffe feeding unit, with 1 or up to 4 delivery channels, including hopper and electrical cabinet
  • Vibrator feeding unit, with electronic driver, metal frame and detector
  • 4-channel distributor, transforming a 1-channel vibrator into 4 channel feeding unit


  • Label printer, to generate an adhesive label with image & parameters to attach in your orders. +info
  • Remote service kit, including electrical connections to programmable components, software, webcam and headphones


Although this site may cover the major and most relevant accessories available for the Décork Laser Systems, do not hesitate to contact us in case your needs are not listed here. We may have a solution for them.