The new generation of [xTreme] electronic controllers for Décork™ systems


April 2014 

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ON-LASER is proud to announce the most recent development for Décork™ laser marking machines

[xTreme] by ON-LASER

The new generation of electronic controllers for Décork™ marking systems


The new generation of electronic controllers has arrived. [xTreme] controllers bring laser marking of cork stoppers to a new level of Productivity & Innovative features thanks to its built-in multiple-core processor:

  • Up to [x2 times faster] (higher productivity)[1] vs compared to previous models
  • User’s full control of [marking quality], allowing up to “AAA” quality on details
  • Advanced features with [variable data] such as automatically [updated traceability] on your corks:
    • [Batch numbers] such as Week + Year (example for L-WWY: “L-144”)
    • [Numbered corks] for wine limited editions
    • [Promotional codes], unique cork by cork
    • Unique codes for [counterfeit detection], now fully integrated with:
  • [Reduced running cost] per marked cork
  • [Multiple-head ready] for Décork DUO and Décork Qx003 Laser Series
  • Protected by US patent US 8.319.810 B2. Patent pending in other countries

[xTreme] new controllers are also available for most of existing Décork systems. These new controllers are rising from x1.6 to >x2 their productivity on existing Décork systems.


Productivity Examples [2]



Sample image [3]

[Ø24/31 & L=44/48mm]

Productivity [corks/hour]



18.400 to 24.300



15.000 to 19.000



12.000 to 16.000



11.300 to 13.500



10.000 to 13.000



9.800 to 11.400



6.700 to 8.700



5.200 to 7.400



3.600 to 4.600


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[1] Marking speed vary on artwork surface’s coverage, distribution and marking intensity. 10.000 to 24.000 stoppers/hour on most champagne artwork style (body only), and 5.200 to 19.000 corks/hour on most wine artwork style (body only).

[2] Achieved with the new Décork Q4003-D [xTreme] at “A” and “AA” quality levels on unwashed and untreated natural stoppers. “AAA” quality level may achieved at a slightly reduced productivity.

[3] Sample images may contain trademarks and logos of their respective owners.